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ACMI and Melbourne International Games Week present

Rotational Shift & Touch Melbourne

Andrew Gleeson | Australia


Melbourne International Games Week

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Missing getting out to the city, or even a hectic day at work? These two games have got you covered.

Screenshot - Rotational Shift

Rotational Shift

Recommended for ages 6+

Rotational Shift is a short jam game where you play as a team of logistics workers whose shifts are "out of control". The goal is simple – work together through the chaos and meet the quota of delivered boxes.

Screenshot - Touch Melbourne

Touch Melbourne

Recommended for ages 4+

Touch Melbourne is a short interactive experience where you explore the city of Melbourne through its various, tiny everyday interactions.

Co-authored with Cecile Richard.

About Andrew Gleeson

Andrew Gleeson is a self-taught pixel artist and video game developer living in Melbourne. He has worked on commercially-successful titles, lectured at RMIT, and regularly releases small games for fun. He is proficient in Game Maker Studio, which he uses for all his current projects. You are likely to spot him wearing a striped shirt.

Visit Andrew's page.

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Rotational Shift is playable online through your browser. Head over to the Rotational Shift page to play the game.

Download and play Touch Melbourne here.

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