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18 Sep 2009 – 24 Apr 2019

Screen Worlds told the remarkable story of the moving image – a vibrant biography that explored its past, present and future.

This long-running exhibition spanned 110 years of moving image history, charting the early beginnings of film to the rise of television, games, the internet and the dominance of the digital age. From pre-cinematic objects and forms through to the rich and enveloping immersive media we experience today, Screen Worlds contained 220 screen-based displays, 30 hours of moving image content (including newly commissioned works) and hundreds of original objects and memorabilia.

Screen Worlds dynamically illustrated how each form of the moving image has emerged as a creative medium within three core and conceptually connected sections; Emergence, Voices, and Sensation. The exhibition explored the impact each form has had on our senses and emotions and the role they’ve played in shaping our society, both from an Australian perspective and in an international context. 

A decade of delight

Learn how Screen Worlds inspired and entertained 4.6 million visitors over its 10 year history.

Katrina Segdwick and  Rachel Griffiths at Screen Worlds

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