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Image credit: Phoebe Powell
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Explore the unexpected connections between films, TV, videogames and art.

Before you head home to start exploring what you’ve collected at ACMI, use your Lens to trigger the Constellation, a large-scale digital experience at the end of our centrepiece exhibition, The Story of the Moving Image.

A galaxy of screen media bursts to life when the Lens and Constellation collide, revealing the fascinating streams of interconnected content that’s been expertly curated by our staff. So, if you’ve ever wondered how The Wizard of Oz connects to Cuphead, or the relationship between The Simpsons and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, don’t leave before experiencing the cosmos of connected content.

Start connecting the dots with these Constellations

Yanmeeyarr by Vicki Couzens as seen from below (photograph by Egmont Contreras)

Keep the fire burning

This Constellation explores how light and shadow – the core of the moving image – has long been used by First Peoples to tell stories from the past, present and future through a series of connected artworks and documentaries.

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Screenshot from the videogame 'Headliner: NoviNews' by Unbound Creations (2018)

Fake news: too little too late

The effects of social media on people and politics is examined in a series of connections that network videogames, documentaries, the Capitol insurgency and The Truman Show.

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Agnès Varda resting a camcorder on top of a painting with a floral background

Reality TV me

From cult classic Grey Gardens to Kim Kardashian, explore how early documentary techniques have been appropriated by reality TV.

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Green Zoetrope with an animation of a dog catching a ball in its mouth (photograph by Egmont Contreras)

Optical toys, Totoro and terrors

Though zoetropes were invented way back in the Victorian era, their popularity continues to this day, with an ongoing association with animated masterpieces, terrifying horror films and even Toy Story 2.

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Jane Conquest magic lantern slides, York & Son (photograph by Egmont Contreras)

Ladies who own the narrative

It took a while to see female action heroes on screen, but you could say the predecessor to Alien’s Ellen Ripley, Mad Men’s Peggy Olsen and Deborah Mailman in Total Control can actually be traced back to the late 19th century and magic lantern performances of Jane Conquest.

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True History of the Kelly Gang armour

Crime doesn't pay

Ned Kelly's famous armour has appeared in many films, but the criminal myth speaks to how audiences have always been captivated by true-crime stories, from the beginning of cinema to today.

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Detail of Judy's bloodied costume in Judy & Punch (photograph by Egmont Contreras)

Blood, shot

The fake blood used by costume designer Edie Kurzer in Judy & Punch is connected to a long, bloody lineage in cinema that includes The Shining, Carrie, Kill Bill and Little Monsters.

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Promura universal film splicer by Eumig c1950s, Japan (photograph by Egmont Contreras)

Splicing history and silencing the lambs

In this Constellation we trace celluloid film stock and splicing as a plot device to serial killers, secrets agents and Super 8.

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Kid wearing a hat playing Atari Millipede in a games arcade( image courtesy Andrew Cline, Alamy)

Arcades and AI

The godfather of computer Alan Turing probably didn’t realise his early inventions into AI would end up with androids being sexualised on screen, but here we are. This Constellation boots up the connections between films that feature lurid and alluring AI creations.

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Still from American Gods (Image Courtesy Album, Alamy Stock Photo)

The world's end

By linking historical horror and bloody fantasy series with documentaries about the injustices faced by Black Americans and First Peoples, this Constellation illuminates how genre stories and factual media can be used to re-examine race and interrogate white supremacy.

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