The Three ACMI commissioned Unfinished Camp artists - Moorina Bonini, Kalanjay Dhir and Jazz Money

Unfinished and ACMI present

Unfinished Camp


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24 Sep – 19 Dec 2021

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What is the future of art in a decentralised world?

We’ve commissioned three young artists to answer that question as part of a new global initiative, Unfinished Camp. Run in conjunction with leading arts organisations around the world, Unfinished Camp is presented as part of Unfinished Live at The Shed, New York. Australian artists Moorina Bonini, Kalanjay Dhir and Jazz Money share their works created for Unfinished Camp here on Gallery 5, each film a look into what the artists consider necessary to create a more equitable future. They join a global network of 24 other young creative thinkers collectively responding to this idea, and presented at Unfinished Live at House of Electronic Arts, Basel on September 23, and The Shed, New York on September 24.


This FREE online exhibition was hosted on the ACMI website.

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Meet the artists commissioned by ACMI

Moorina Bonini

Moorina Bonini is a descendant of the Yorta Yorta Dhulunyagen family clan of Ulupna and the Yorta Yorta and Wurundjeri-Woiwurrung Briggs/McCrae family. Her works are informed by her experiences as an Aboriginal and Italian woman.

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Moorina Bonini - artist bio

Kalanjay Dhir

Working with sculpture, video and internet objects, Kalanjay Dhir is interested in near-futurism and spirituality through mythological and speculative technologies.

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Kalanjay Dhir - artist bio

Jazz Money

Jazz Money is an award-winning poet of Wiradjuri heritage. Her practice centers around the written word while producing works that encompass installation, digital, film and print.

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Jazz Money - artist bio

Other Unfinished Camp artists

Amiko Li | Jasphy Zheng | Wang Yuyu | biarritzzz (Bia Rodrigues) | Christian Salablanca Diaz | Mazenett Quiroga: David Quiroga & Lina Mazenet | Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley | Salomé Chatriot | Sarah Friend | Eric-Paul Reige | Haley Anderson | Kiyan Williams | Helena Uambembe | Naomi Lulendo | The Botswana Pavilion | Josiane Pozi | Jota Mombaça | Paul Kolling | Edgar Allan Go Pro | Georgica Pettus | Gabriella Torres-Ferrer

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About Unfinished Live

The project, led by Swiss Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and author András Szántó and taking place in September at The Shed, New York and House of Electronic Arts, Basel, brings together emerging voices from across the globe with fresh takes on what our collective future could look like, through the lens of young artists.

As well as being displayed on ACMI’s Gallery 5, the works will be shown at The Shed New York, with parallel programming at House of Electronic Arts, Basel from 23–25 September. Learn more about Unfinished Live

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Participating institutions

Gallery 5

Explore art that reflects, celebrates and interrogates the internet and digital culture through a series of free virtual exhibitions and performances.

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