The cast of Metro Sexual (2019-2021) Humdrum Comedy
Metro Sexual (2019–21) Humdrum Comedy

ACMI, AFTRS, Film Victoria and Media Mentors Australia present

Against the Odds


This event has ended and tickets are no longer available.


Thur 9 Dec 2021

6pm (AEDT)

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In the final Meet the Creators @ACMI and AFTRS, we meet those who’ve made amazing work – against the odds.

We celebrate an eclectic bunch of films and TV shows being released in the coming weeks as inspiring evidence that you can do it – if you fight hard enough.

With MC Denise Eriksen of Media Mentors Australia, the panel – Granaz Moussavi, director of My Tehran For Sale and the upcoming film When Pomegranates Howl; Gabriel Shipton, brother of Julian Assange and the director of the upcoming documentary Ithaka; and Riley Nottingham and Urvi Majumdar, stars of the comedy TV series Metro Sexual – will talk about what you can achieve when you believe in and fight for your work, and when you have other strings to your bow.

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The panelists

Granaz Moussavi

Granaz Moussavi is a Melbourne-based Iranian born poet, writer and director. Her latest film When Pomegranates Howl – an Australian/Afghanistan co-production – has been selected as Australia’s official submission for the Best International Feature Film at the 2022 Academy Awards®. Shot under extremely difficult conditions in Kabul, this powerful anti-war drama follows a nine year old boy who hustles on the streets, selling everything from pomegranate juice to protection from the evil eye. Her debut film, My Tehran For Sale, won an IF Award for best independent film and premiered Internationally at the Toronto Film Festival.

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Granaz Moussavi - image credit James Greer

Gabriel Shipton

Gabriel Shipton is a film producer and the brother of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. His feature-length documentary entitled Ithaka, premiered at the Sydney Film Festival and opens for general release in January 2022. It follows the work of his father, John Shipton, fighting for Julian’s release. Gabriel's previous film was Emu Runner (2018) and his next film, Farah, shot in Lebanon is due for release soon. He’s also a Production Accountant on films and TV series including Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), Peter Rabbit (2018), Lion (2016), Glitch (2015) and Jack Irish (2016).

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Gabriel Shipton

Riley Nottingham

Riley Nottingham is one of the creators and lead actors in Metro Sexual – a comedy series on Channel 9 and OutTV in the US – set in an inner-city sexual health clinic. He’s also an actor, writer and a singer, and, by day, a field producer on Gogglebox.

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Riley Nottingham as Dr Langdon Marsh in 'Metro Sexual' (2019–21)

Urvi Majumdar

Urvi Majumdar plays Gwen in Metro Sexual. She is an award-winning stand-up comedian and a writer on The Project. By day, she’s the Creative Workshops Program Producer at Footscray Community Arts, with a background in teaching and education policy.

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Urvi Majumdar as Gwen Albright in 'Metro Sexual' (2019–21)

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