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Fri 8 Oct 2021


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Explore the digital future of fashion.

At Melbourne International Games Week 2021 (MIGW), the stimulating topic of fashion and tech will take centre stage in this highly anticipated Creative Exchange event. Bringing together local fashion creatives and global thought leaders, this creative industries event will include the global launch of luxury fashion space in the Metaverse, Semblance World, supported through a grant from EPIC games. The event also explores the innovative outcomes from the Victorian fashion industry Digital Fashion Incubator.

The Digital Fashion Incubator will showcase the experience of seven Victorian apparel and accessory designers as they explore what digital platforms, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, can do for their business. An initiative of Creative Victoria and leading VR/AR studio, Ignition Immersive, the Digital Fashion Incubator has given the designers an unprecedented opportunity to explore technology and experiment with the way their consumers experience fashion.

Facilitated by leading fashion journalist, Janice Breen Burns and videogames/technology journalist Jini Maxwell, the event includes a panel discussion between Ignition Immersive’s Darren Vukasinovic, Micky in the Van’s Estelle Michaelides, Ngali’s Denni Francisco and Maude Studio’s Courtenay Stoltz exploring exciting new opportunities in the intersection of fashion and technology.

In addition to their own real-world applications, much of the work produced by designers will also be showcased inside a new luxury shopping ‘metaverse’, Semblance World, launching globally at MIGW.

About Semblance world

Semblance World is an immersive virtual platform created by serial entrepreneur and Condé Nast College Board Member, Roberta Annan, and fashion technology founder, Badrriya Henry, that aims to reimagine digital experiences for brands and consumers across the international fashion industry.

The result of an Epic Games Mega Grant and powered by Unreal Engine, the goal of Semblance World is to empower luxury brands in an age of digitisation, allowing them to create limited-time events, VIP experiences, fashion shows, gamified touchpoints, rentable virtual runways and showrooms, sustainable 3D digital model collections, and educational tools that will extend their reach and provide access to valuable market data.

ACMI public programmer and videogames curator Arieh Offman and journalist Jini Maxwell go behind the scenes of Semblance World with Roberta Annan and Badrriya Henry to explore this evolutionary new platform, its impact on sustainability and inclusivity in the fashion world and what this means for fashion's new reality.

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