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ACMI + MESS partnership

ACMI has partnered with Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS) in North Melbourne on a new initiative to support local musicians and producers.

The partnership will see original music and soundscapes resonating through our cinema spaces as the audio accompaniment to our seasonal brand reels. MESS is a pillar of the Melbourne music scene, with an extensive library of analogue synthesisers available for public use, a fully functioning workshop and a dedicated interest in electronic music production that makes it an important resource for emerging and established artists.

Byron Scullin and Robin Fox (photo by Kristoffer Paulsen)

Byron Scullin and Robin Fox (image credit: Kristoffer Paulsen)

About MESS

Founded by laser legend Robin Fox and prolific practitioner Byron Scullin (who has also scored numerous Australian films and collaborated with artist Daniel Crooks, who’s work Phantom Ride is in The Story of the Moving Image exhibition), MESS has quickly established itself as more than a collection of unique electronic instruments with a valuable education program of workshops and courses, performance events and recordings as well as a focus on growing the technical knowledge and skills underpinning electronic sound creation.

We are thrilled to announce four artists have been commissioned to create music for our brand trailers which will change with the seasons.

We are excited to provide these talented artists with exposure to a range of new audiences, through featuring their work in our social media, our website, and in cinema pre-roll as captive audiences eagerly await their screening experience. This unique partnership will offer a development opportunity for sound artists, supported and mentored by MESS, and working closely and collaboratively with ACMI’s own video production team, allowing them to dive into the creative briefing process, pitch ideas, and dabble in ‘sonic branding’.

Furthermore, it provides the chance to explore the world of film scoring and leverage our cinemas’ cutting-edge sound systems to create immersive, experimental and atmospheric sound compositions.


Chiara Kickdrum - image credit Boa Campbell

Chiara Kickdrum

Summer–Autumn (2021–22)

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Sara Retallick - image credit Elliot Oakes

Sara Retallick

Winter–Spring (2022)

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Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix

Summer–Autumn (2022–23)

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ACMI + MESS Partnership - multi-coloured plugs on a soundboard

Tyler Wilay

Winter–Spring (2023)

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