Wall of videogame controllers at ACMI
Wall of videogame controllers at ACMI

ACMI presents

Relaxed Visit – The Story of the Moving Image



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Visit our new centrepiece exhibition, The Story of the Moving Image, in a relaxed environment.

Suited for visitors with ASD, sensory sensitivities or anyone who would benefit from a quieter and less busy setting, our relaxed visit gives you a chance to explore our incredible new exhibition in an environment that suits you.

Relaxed visits

  • have adjusted sound and lighting in some exhibits to ensure less stimulation
  • have reduced visitor numbers in the exhibition
  • have a dedicated quiet room & meltdown room.

About the exhibition

Journey through the past, present and future of the moving image through interactive experiences, digital innovation and captivating stories.

From the first projections and optical illusions to the birth of film and beyond, moving images have the power to spark imagination, share stories and shape history. Discover how inventors, innovators and artists at the turn of the 20th century wielded light, split time and captured motion, heralding a technological revolution that continues today.

Featuring ancient shadow puppets, Victorian-era magic lanterns, original cameras, iconic costumes, movie sets, sketches, clips and contemporary art, The Story of the Moving Image traverses time, countries and cultures in a mesmerising exploration of an art form that changed the world and illuminated our collective humanity.

Five distinct sections frame the major moments in moving image history, including the origins and future of cinema, production design and the creative process, Australian culture and stories, the rise of videogames, and how screens inform, influence and empower us.

These stages come to life through interactive experiences that let you animate shadows, craft optical toys, experiment with time, assemble film scenes and create soundscapes in a custom Foley studio.

These moments can be collected with the Lens, a free tool that collects your favourite objects, artworks and creations in the exhibition. It also animates the Constellation, connecting what you collected to the cosmos of screen content outside ACMI.

Event duration

60 mins


ACMI, Fed Square

How to get there


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A closeup of the ACMI Lens in action

Exhibition highlights

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Located on the Ground Floor at ACMI, Fed Square, Flinders Street.

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